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One of the greatest risks facing investors today isn’t dying too soon. It’s living too long. Baby boomers are enjoying the best health and the longest life expectancy of any generation in history, and you need your income to last as long as you do. At CPR Investments we offer solutions that can help you build tax-deferred funds for retirement that can provide income for the rest of your life or for a specified period backed by the creditworthiness of an insurance company. Life insurance can help your heirs pay any immediate expenses, such as estate taxes, and cover future needs. 


At CPR Investments our Advisors can perform a comprehensive assessment to determine how much life insurance your family will need after you are gone.

Life in a Box

As a kid, things were simple. Life’s different now and financial planning keeps you organized and in-the-know

The Value of Being Organized

Keep organized and on track to reach important financial goals.

Whats in a Number?

Financial planning keeps you organized and in-the-know.

What it Means to be a Fiduciary

As a fiduciary, we have our clients best interests at heart. This video can help explain the value we provide and what it means to have a fiduciary acting on your behalf.

Annual Review

A lot can happen in the course of a yearand it usually does. A yearly financial checkup can help keep you on track towards achieving your financial goals.

Life insurance protects. 70% of those with coverage only have enough to replace 3 1/2 years of income. How protected is your family?

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