There is no other firm quite like CPR Investments Inc!  As a financial services professional, we know that many opportunities cross your desk making it difficult to differentiate one from another.  However, we believe that a relationship with CPR Investments would be a great way to grow your business and truly make a difference for your customers.  To facilitate you in learning how a partnership with CPR Investments can benefit you and bring game-changing power to your business, contact us today!

We want to assure you that your communication and discussions with us are confidential and will not be shared with any outside entities, carriers, companies or vendors.  We look forward to getting to know you, your unique strengths and how we may come alongside your business to help you achieve your dreams.

CPR $10 Million Partner & Equity Partner Program
(All $10 Million Partners are provided a written Succession Plan)

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Why to Affiliate with CPR Investments

CPR Investments Overview 08-11-2021

2019 CPR Conference Slide Show - Fort Lauderdale FL

The Pre-Registration form allows us to complete a thorough background investigation to make sure we can accept you as a representative before you spend your time and money on study materials, studying and taking the exam. Since we have to complete a thorough background investigation completing this step first allows us to expedite the process of accepting you as a representative once you pass your S65 exam.  Please complete and submit the following form(s) and allow 10 days for us to compete the background investigation and approve you before going to the next step!

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Send Completed ‘Pre-Registration’ form to:
Fax: (586) 580-9293
Mail:  CPR Investments Inc., 1600 Parkdale Rd, Ste 201, Rochester, MI 48307